This is when your smaller family members can have a little holiday of their own, as long as you are able to provide adequate housing for them. Smaller animals may be able to be accommodated in an emergency but you must emphasise this at time of booking. It is essential that all rabbits must have a cage provided if they are to be boarded otherwise boarding of these animals will not be possible.

Please do bear in mind if you have rabbits and cannot provide a cage to enable them to stay with me, I do offer house visits (as detailed above) and a house sitting service which is provided to give you peace of mind while you are away and will deter any burglars. It also has the advantage of your plants being watered and your mail being moved from the back of your door.

Your animals will receive plenty of love and companionship and if you have any animals who enjoy lots of cuddles I will happily oblige. If they prefer just to be loved from afar, I will respect their wishes.