Dog walking service

Where dogs are walked for up to 1 hour, depending on size of dog and parents requirements.

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Dog/puppy home visits

Where parents need to go out for work, appointments etc. I will visit your dog at an agreed time for around 20 minutes which will include toilet break and play. If required a walk can also be arranged at an additional cost.

House/pet sitting

An alternative to putting your dog or cat into kennels. While you are on holiday, your dog or cat will stay in your home in a relaxed, friendly environment. Walks charged as an extra.

This service is ideal for the pampered family dog or cat that do not wish to slum it in kennels.

Cat home visits

Where parents need to go out of town for a few days, I will visit your cat, feed, water, litter clean-up or change and play

Small pet visits

Don’t want to upset the little members of the family by moving them? I will visit them in their own home. Feed, water, cage/tank tidied or cleaned and play.

Small pet boarding

Little family members need a holiday? They can come stay with me and get lots of cuddles and play time. Please ensure a cage is provided for your animals you would like me to board. I may be able to accommodate certain animals without a cage, please ask prior to booking.

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Pet Taxi Service

This includes taking your animal to the vet or other appointments. especially usefull for those anmal parents who do not have transport of there own and may not be able to rely on public transport.


Epilepsy in Rats

Epilepsy is an illness that can afflict more mammals than just humans. Until recently I had never seen an epileptic fit, though I’ve known a couple of people who were afflicted with the disorder and also a dog of a friend who also suffered. For me, my experience came in the form of a rat …


As humans we believe we are better and more intelligent than any other life form on this planet, but are we? It depends on what is meant by intelligent. Many other humans believe that all other life forms are stupid and don’t have the same “feelings” as humans. We call other members of our own …