As humans we believe we are better and more intelligent than any other life form on this planet, but are we?

It depends on what is meant by intelligent. Many other humans believe that all other life forms are stupid and don’t have the same “feelings” as humans. We call other members of our own species stupid for anthropomorphising animals. While I may not agree with putting a dress on a dog, I do believe animals experience many of the same feelings and emotions we do. Scientists have even proved that rats have empathy, crows mourn their dead and gorillas can communicate with us using sign language.

Although there is a language barrier between us and animals, those of us who care enough can learn how to communicate with our animals on a subconscious level and we can find ourselves knowing what our animals are feeling at any particular time and often know exactly what our animals want and when.

To call animals stupid we are only highlighting our ignorance and diminishing our own intelligence.

Humans use animals to test chemicals on because those animals cannot tell us that they don’t want to be tested on and hurt every day of their short lives. Humans would appear a lot more intelligent and compassionate if we could open our eyes to the suffering of animals and other human beings and work out how to make the world a better place to live in for all life forms instead of clinging onto the idea that we are the most intelligent species in the universe. More like humans are the greediest and most power hungry species in the universe.

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